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Autumn 2019

Ver 2.1

Score search filter

We are continuing our work on adding even more features for the reviews module released in the 2.0 version. Previously you had to select plain boring numeric values to filter by the rating value. No more! Now you can add to your search panel a new nice and shiny star-based filter, that, I’m sure, will be a much more suitable and usable tool for such purpose.

Contact form 7 Support

Long awaited Contact Form 7 integration is here! We’ve worked hard to integrate this 3rd-party module into our modern design. The forms added to the website, will never look out of place and attract attention like an eyesore. You may ask us: “Dear Wealty team, but you have a form builder already, why bother adding a new one!”. The reason is that our main purpose in developing this theme, is to give user a choice and prove that we listen and learn from the user feedback. Many customers, familiar with this popular plugin, asked us to its support as well, alongside out great form builder. So here it is!

Prefixless SEO URL

Who doesn’t like a clean, nice looking and readable URL? Even Google and Bing search engine bots prefer them to cluttered and unreadable messes that are usually generated by WordPress. This improvement is a first step toward creating a fully customizable, clean URL builder that would satisfy the needs of the most exigent SEO specialist on this side of the galaxy. By enabling this option, you can remove the previously required /properties/ prefix (by the way you can change the name of this prefix) and just strip it away.

Google Review Snippet support

Another improvement of the reviews modules has landed in the V2.1 release. I think you would agree that it is very hard to stand out from your competitors on a Google results page. Publishing inline review score is a way to increase the trustworthiness of your website and attract more leads to your website.

Standalone category pages for better SEO

Simple Ranges

Score search filter



Predefined values

Complex Ranges For Price and Area

In raw range format

Or with a prefix

Easily editable from dashboard

A simpler floor plan variation

Other enhancements

- [New] Video Tutorials
- [New Feature] FAQ widget
- [New Feature] Submit review form unauthorized users
- [New Feature] Agent search filter by rating
- [New Feature] Agency search filter by rating
- [New Feature] Output review markup for the google indexer
- [New Feature] Directory Reviews section
- [New Feature] Contact form 7 Support
- [New Feature] Nice property URL
- [New Feature] Taxonomy custom pages
- [Improved] Rich text HTML output in property description
- [Improved] Mortgage form validation
- [Improved] "Sort by" menu close on mobile
- [Improved] Dashboard - menu fields sorting features
- [Improved] Dashboard - columns editing
- [Improved] Remove global field config option
- [Improved] Validate field config id name before saving
- [Improved] WPEngine Hosting compatibility
- [Improved] WPML activation compatibility
- [Improved] Added compatibility with MYSQL versions lower than 5.6

- [Added] Maps nearby component add new types
- [Added] Maps nearby component distance option
- [New Option] Mapbox message for missing API key
- [New Option] Maps - Satellite view
- [New Option] Allow displaying a range slider without + for the max value
- [New Option] Mortgage Calculator custom Loan type ranges
- [New Option] Added advanced input number filter, that supports predefined values
- [Removed] cf47 prefix in slugs
- [Fixed] Slider Revolution - import problem after update
- [Fixed] Demo import - templates
- [Fixed] Property short list design variation
- [Fixed] JS error when missed image in compare component
- [Fixed] Wealty Options - Currency issue
- [Fixed] SVG editor
- [Fixed] Icon picker missing in dashboard
- [Fixed] Ihomefinder organizer login form
- [Fixed] RealtyPress - mobile menu and map
- [New Option] Dashboard - section titles edit
- [Updated] Dashboard and Poedit translation

Ver 2.0

Directory Demo Variation

You will be able to deploy a variation purposed for featuring great places to stay, eat, shop or visit. Batteries included. Reviews, filters, ratings, everything is already preconfigured.

Review grid

Agency Reviews

Agent Reviews

Place Reviews

Customizable review form

“Latest reviews” section

Review Widget

Nearby Properties

Other enhancements

- [New] Directory Demo Variation
- [New Feature] Reviews Component
- [New Feature] Agency Reviews
- [New Feature] Agent Reviews
- [New Feature] Place Reviews
- [New Feature] Latest Reviews Section
- [New Feature] Worst Reviews Section
- [New Feature] Hero section and directory search form

- [Improved] Nearby listings module by distance
- [Improved] EDGE JS compatibility issue
- [Improved] Dashboard alignment issue
- [Improved] Dashboard sidebar responsiveness
- [Improved] RTL issues
- [Updated] Wealty Translations
- [Updated] Agencies grids to display Rating score
- [Updated] Agents grids to display Rating score
- [Added] Agents and Agency search form field by rating score
- [Improved] UI/UX

Spring 2019

Ver 1.1


Interactive map search

Impress your customers with an interactive map of your country of choice. Any map can be used for this purpose.
Are you from Germany, France, etc? No worries, there's a map for your country ready for you.

Floor plan real estate

Interactive floor plan

Create interactive floor plans using our Overlay Builder Tool! Just draw the regions you wish and assign to them any popup information you require! Done!

Cards best real estate wordpress theme

New card animations

We've prepare a set of beautiful and highly performant animations for any type of grid cards (Property, Agent or Agency). Smooth and configurable animations transitions are available for use by any customer that uses the latest version of Wealty WordPress Theme.

Compare properties real estate

Compare listings popup

Now you can easily compare any number of properties. Just click the "Compare" icon and go to the Compare page to view all the differences and similarities among the added listings.

best wordpress design

A new beautiful card variation included

Our buyers love new variations, so here's one more! Created with love and care, following the latest design trends of 2019.

Walk Score component added

WalkScore is highly trusted criteria that many of the customers are using to decide whether to buy or rent a property in a specific region.
This component can be easily added to the listing template page via our powerful Page Builder.

walkscore wordpress
Mortgage calculator wordpress plugin

Powerful and customizable mortgage calculator

Why have the user search a mortgage calculator over the web? Now you don't have to install any 3-rd party plugins with ugly design and buggy interface. Just add the Mortgage Calculator component in the Page Builder to the page you want and voila!

Nearby places component

This much requested component is finally here! Now, based on the location of you listing, the map provider of your choice (yes! we've added support for both MapBox and Google) with helpfully display the nearby points of interest, schools, police, restaurants, etc. What's even more cool? Everything is fully configurable, you decided what type of objects are displayed on the map.

Nearby plugin Mapbox

Other enhancements

General performance improvements are here! Your customers will appreciate that.
Now Google Maps is sending as few as possible requests, thus saving your quota. Aggressive caching for the win!
Improved SEO score by adding a lot of helpful markup that will greatly help the web crawlers.

Updated all bundled plugins to the latest versions.
Many other security improvements that will protect your website from malicious users.

Ver 1.3

Search filter autocomplete real estate

Autocomplete suggestions for ANY search field

Now you can see live results for any search field you want. Let your users search your listings faster!

Yelp and GreatSchool integration

Long requested feature is finally here! Output a Yelp or GreatSchools widget for any real estate listing in just a few clicks!

Yelp, greatschools wordpress integration

Other enhancements

- [New] Yellp widget
- [New] GreatSchools information widget
- [New] Autocmplete field search keyword
- [New feature] 3d Floor plan modal preview with photo
- [Improved] Search form usabilty
- [Improved] Icon and grid load

- [Fixed] Number field search form
- [Fixed] Frontend submit for new users
- [Fixed] Login and registration form issues
- [Update] Slider revolution Premium plugin
- [Update] WPBakery Page Builder(Visual Composer) Premium plugin

Wealty is live since early 2019. Have a look at the features we've built so far.

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