Layout Configuration

Wealty is a powerful Real Estate WordPress theme that adapts to your needs. With a stunning design and easy-to-use features, you can quickly take your business to the next level without any coding knowledge.

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At the first look you may think that editing or creating pages is hard, but it is an illusion. We'll explain how with ease and fun you can create and edit pages within Wealty theme.

As you noticed our theme uses WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) for editing page content. It's a very popular plugin that many of website creators know. But in Wealty theme we have something, that will help you to edit and create pages even easier. We can name it "Layout Builder" or something like that. This "Layout Builder" has only two, but very powerful tools: Templates and Partials.


What is Partial? Partial derived from the word "part", that could contain a set of WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) elements or the whole section or a few sections. Partial could be used in Templates and Pages. For example, let's say that on your website you want to have on 5 pages same Call To Action section (Screenshot ). Why would you need to create this section of every page? Using partial you create that section only one time and with a few clicks it could be added on any page.

How many partials could be used on a Page? As many as you want! In Wealty theme even header and footer are created using WPBakery Page Builder. There are many different header and footer variations. Each of them is saved as a separate partial. It provides a possibility to have different header or footer variation on different pages. All partials could be found in Templates > All Partials. New partial could be added Templates > Add New Partial.


Templates are used for all the pages and posts. Template sets layout and structure of page or post. It contains header, page/post content and footer.

In some templates instead of content is used partial "None / Use page content". That means, that content will be used that will be added in the page.

In Wealty Options > Default templates is present list of all single and archive pages with selected templates for each page or post. The first one called "Default template" is a template that will be used by default for pages. For each page is option to select different template in Page Attributes area, that will override global settings in Wealty Options > Default templates.