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Frequently Asked Questions

What hosting provider would you recommend?

We recommend to use SiteGround hosting provider. For minimal price you will get well configured server, which fits Wealty theme requirements. Customers who use it get excellent speed, performance and ease of use with our theme. We advise to save your money and time!

Are $59 paid per month or one time to download the layout? Any renewal fees?

59$ is a one time price, no renewal fees. It includes 6 month of support (or 12 months) and free lifetime updates.

Does Wealty theme support RTL languages?

Sure, our theme supports RTL languages. All you need is to select language you need to WordPress dashboard settings (Settings > General > Language).

How can I change logo?

Logo could be changed in header partial. For more information, please, check Header Configuration article.

How can I access user dashboard?

Dashboard could be opened from “Call to Action” and user menu elements in header bar or opening direct URL:

The premium plugins require activation, are they trial?

No, they are provided for free and are ready to use. Please, find more details in Premium Plugins License article.

Why do I need to create both Google Maps and Mapbox API keys if I want to use only Mapbox on the website?

Mapbox is an “overlay” for Google Maps that just provides different map layout, but all map functionalities (Street View, Nearby places, etc.) are still provided by Google Maps.

My website is loading too slow. How can I optimize it?

The most important part of good website loading speed is server and its configuration. Below you can find a few tips how to improve website performance:

  1. As hosting we recommend the well-known and reliable SiteGround. For minimal price you will get a well configured server which meets theme requirements.
  2. Highly recommend to use PHP version 7.0 and newer for major performance improvements. With version 7+ your performance should increase drastically as this benchmark shows.. These versions provide more speed to website.
  3. We recommend to use W3 Total Cache plugin (with disabled JS and CSS files minification). Or you can try to use WP Rocket plugin – this is a Premium plugin and is a very powerful optimization tool.
  4. Also you can use CloudFlare service, which dramatically improves website performance through their global CDN and web optimization features.
  5. We recommend to compress all images before uploading them on website. For example you can this free service: TinyPNG. This is powerful service for image compression without losing image quality.
    Also could be used Imagify plugin for image compression and optimization.

Can I create a multilingual website?

Sure! To create multilingual website you need to use WPML plugin. It is 100% compatible with the theme.
Unfortunately, WPML authors do not permit to provide their plugin for free within themes. Plugin license should be purchased directly on their website.

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